Rule Management is one of the most important part of Risk Analytics.

It allows fraud analysts to create rules which can, for example, allow or block a transaction depending on whether it is suspicious.

To create this new experience, we had to do a lot of research and discover the processes and mental models of the users who create the rules.

Rule management page

— User Research and audit

01 : Current interface | 02 : User journey workshop with PO/PM | 03 : From the report
(I co-interviewed in 10+ participants) | 04 : Fraud department process

— Concepts exploration

05 : I submitted 3 concepts during design reviews with internal business consultants
06-07 : Latest concepts based on the idea of workflows and scenarios building.

‘’Very friendly, better than today. It’s quite friendly, nice, modern and cleaner.‘’

Ralitsa, business consultant, about one of the concepts

The challenge during this project was to define the functional requirements during the design process. This is why there is no final concept as for today.

years of design

+ 10 workshops run

1 mvp in progress

8 proposed concepts