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Welcome! I’m Morgane, Product Designer in Montreal.
For more than 6 years, I’ve been designing mainly complex interfaces, handling a lot of data, rethinking BtoB worflows with impacts on different personas, multiple user paths, including cross-devices experience. And I love it!
I love solving complex problems and furthermore gathering the team around the table to design solutions together.


What I’ve been working on

Section under construction… meanwhile feel free to check my PDF portfolio, it’s made with <3.

About me

Design is a
team sport.

What I like above all is collective intelligence. It means gathering people, users, teams, in a workshop, and brainstorming, designing and innovating all together.
My core mission is to support the teams in designing the ideal experiences and innovative concepts.
For that, I will make sure to bring the user back at the center of discussions by getting the stakeholders to empathize with users.

First self-employed webmaster in 2015, I discovered what UX design was while asking feedback from a friend on a design and she didn’t use the interface the way I imagined. She got me into UX and since then I realized that it was essential to think of the user at each stage if we want the service to be efficient and the experience pleasant.


Wanna talk?

Morgane Neto, Senior Product Designer in Montreal

SaaS application design or mobile applications iOS and Android following the principles of user experience
design and Design Thinking methodologies